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#65bangsofstatic – Derek Howie

Unsure about what your 10 picks for #65bangsofstatic should be? No worries, I’ve called in some experts.

I was only going to include people who have worked with the band in some capacity in this series, but as I get more and more top 10s from 65kids with some wonderful explanations, I decided to open it up to them as well. This is, after all, a place by 65kids for 65kids.

Today’s 65kid is Derek Howie. He runs a music blog called Audioidua, where he tries to share the passions and emotions that evolve in him when listening to the music that he loves. He discusses his opinions on the handful of other albums he rates as classics (other than replicr, 2019) as well as talking about collecting and cataloging records and going to concerts. Follow his blog on Facebook or Instagram.

With more of a background in electronic music, Derek gives us a fresh perspective on 65’s music. He’s also the person who created the visuals for the replicr livestream mp3s, and who cut the streams up into seperate “songs” for those interested.

Despite having favourite songs, Derek does struggle with taking them out of the context of an album:

Above all else, singling out songs into a (play)list is a task I struggle with. Bodies of music are created as one. Breaking them down, only breaks them down. We all have our favourites, I’m not any different. I just don’t play them singularly, they are always supported either side by their not quite so popular, but still loved friends.

Here then, are Derek’s choices for #65bangsofstatic. This list has appeared on his blog earlier this week, and is reprinted here with permission.

10 – Exvironments_Full

You can see what I mean about lists when I place a 2-hour sequencing of 9-tracks as my 10th favourite 65song.

Copping out? Most definitely!

9 – Ancient Also

I came to 65 from an Electronica route just after The Destruction of Small Ideas album was released. A friend said, “You like Aphex Twin, you might like 65daysofstatic?”

Obviously, it was an answer of a double “Yes” and that is why there’s a heavy Electronic element to my selection.

8 – Burial Scene

This beautiful and recurring piano line from Silent Running is a master stroke of simplicity, this is Silent Running. Like so many great curated Soundtrack albums I own, I have learnt to leave the films alone, I only get disappointed.

7 – The Undertow

The similarity between this Burial Scene are uncanny but wholly coincidental here.

6 – Woodpecker

Sounding like something from 1992, it harks back to safer times. The way the rhythm and pads pan around head mix are brilliant, a standout moment of U/U Vol.4 series.

5 – Go Complex

A toss-up between this and Mountainhead but Go Complex as it has that subtle Acid line which I’m a sucker for.

4 – Pretext

When I first read about ##65bangsofstatic project I actually thought of listing the first 10-tracks off replicr, 2019 however that wouldn’t do justice to the remaining 4-songs. See! I really do struggle with these Best of/Top 10 lists.

3 – stillstellung

To date I own 4-different versions of replicr, 2019 (that orange vinyl is heavily sought after). It’s a classic to my ears alongside only a handful other albums I’ve collected multiple copies of over the last 5-decades.

2 – The Distant and Mechanized Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties

This is where the love affair with 65dos all started. The free tracks on their TDOSI website peaked an interest to buy the album and this track always has me Raving like the old school beat monkey I am! And the way it then becomes Little Victories is even better.

Ps What a great title for a song.

1 – 65 Doesn’t Understand You

Hands down my all-time favourite 65song. I will lose my shit in a big way after the first 59-seconds intro has elapsed. It’s actually one of only a handful of tracks that I’ve crafted into a ringtone and sometimes I just don’t answer the incoming call because I am too busy losing it.

Don’t forget to share your own top 10, by sending it to or sharing it on twitter using the #65bangsofstatic hashtag! The final date to send them in is May 6th!


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