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#65bangsofstatic – Caspar Newbolt

Unsure about what your 10 picks for #65bangsofstatic should be? No worries, I’ve called in some experts to help out!

Today’s top 10 is picked by the person behind most of 65’s visual output of the last decade. Caspar Newbolt directed the 65doc documentary that’s included with the Escape from New York album, and created all of the band’s album and EP covers since then. As the covers to We Were Exploding Anyway, Silent Running, Wild Light, No Man’s Sky – Music for an Infinite Universe (which he co-created with painter John DeLucca) and replicr, 2019 show, he’s an incredible versatile artist, who also seems to find the perfect visuals for every 65 occasion.

He co-founded (version_industries), is a director for Rathaus and is a collaborator on Filmmaker Magazine, among many other things.

Check out the story behind his WWEA artwork here, as well as more information on his other work for the band here.

And now, the caspar v top 10!

10. the undertow. 

i listened to this song the most whilst making the wild light graphics. i’m still very proud of that artwork—i don’t think i could recreate it if i tried!—and for whatever reason this is the song that made it happen.

9. fix the sky a little.

where to even begin with this song. the name is perfect. the music is perfect. hearing it live every night on the cure tour it never got old. when the distorted woman’s voice comes in i shiver. when the drums come in i shiver. it seems to me to express so much of what i know 65 still believe in to this day; the fire never goes out with this band.

8. the major cities of the world are being destroyed one by one by the monsters — skin of the horse’s teeth version.

one summer paul and i once made an mp3 mixtape for an online music series based around the famous war of the worlds radio recording that orson welles did; the one that caused such a panic in north america once upon a time. this track was included in that mix and kind of became the theme tune for it. it has taken on a new meaning in my mind as a result. the guy who ran the mix series for many years said it was never meant to have a winner, but that if he had to pick one this mix would be it.

7. the distant and mechanised glow of eastern european dance parties.

oscar and iryna. need i say more? i’ve been living in berlin of late and one night a couple of months ago i found a place just like club east euro where artists and coders come meet in the basement every friday night in an old english book store. they drink and eat cheaply, smoke cigarettes, exchange stories and scheme. art imitating life imitating art, or something.

6. PX3.

quite apart from being so beautiful, i was in the studio in sheffield as they were demoing this so it has a special place in my heart. i remember so well paul playing the piano part over and over. the lesser known, abstract japanese artwork for the EP it’s on was also a fond favourite of the band and i. touring that EP in japan in 2011 the band took me along with them once again. i filmed everything and still haven’t done anything with the footage. it fucking haunts me. 

5. trackerplatz.

this song represents to me the end of a very important relationship in my life and also some of the hardest work i’ve ever had to put into making artwork with the band. hearing it, even as short as it is, always overwhelms me.

4. radio protector.

having already seen them live the once in london in 2004, the moment i heard this song in my studio in new york in 2006 i wrote to the band and asked if i could work with them … and the rest as they say is history.

3. AOD (retreat! retreat!) 

they played this in all the clubs we’d sneak out to play after the support slots on the cure tour in 2008, and it always stopped me in my tracks. slow yet fast, happy and yet terribly sad.  i can’t explain how it’s all those things at once, but it is. i then made a simple edit that i liked of these performances for the 65doc: a road movie , along with some other footage from a lovely, intimate “road-side picnic” that we had, and well the song’s meant a lot to me ever since.

2. tiger girl.

this song makes me feel things nothing else ever has. making the record cover for this album was the first of a lot of things for me. the first cover i’d made for 65, the first time i worked with my best friend and long time collaborator matt sundin, and really the first photo shoot i’d ever done. to say i was terrified would be an understatement. the fact that we got such a beautiful cover shot at all is really an incredible thing to me. i honestly still feel very lucky that i got to be the person responsible for the image for this band’s music. 

1. primer (escape from new york)

it’s probably my favourite 65 song but this recording is particularly special because joe wishes me happy birthday at the beginning of it, and in madison square garden of all places. it still to this day makes me grin from ear to ear when i hear it.

Don’t forget to share your own top 10, by sending it to or sharing it on twitter using the #65bangsofstatic hashtag! The final date to send them in is May 6th!


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