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This really has been a year of wreckage so far. Whether you’re working on the frontline, or you’re at home struggling with boredom or with the specific issues that arise with working from home, things aren’t easy.

That’s why I wanted to create #65bangsofstatic. It’s an invitation to dive back into 65’s entire catalog of music (albums, eps, singles, unreleasables), to find out what their most popular beats really are. The idea is to have as many 65kids send in their top 10 65 songs as possible, so we can make THE ultimate top 65 65daysofstatic bangers.

The rules can be found in this document, along with an entire list of songs that are eligible for the competition. It’s basically all of their songs, with the exception of some remixes they’ve done, but it might be a nice gateway to some 65 music you haven’t heard yet.

Most of the music on the list is still available to buy, so if you haven’t already, please consider doing so to support the band. Some of the stuff that is no longer for sale can be found on this here website, on the bootlegs page.

Send your top 10s my way by e-mail, to, or tag your top 10 on Twitter with the hashtag #65bangsofstatic (and maybe @ me to be sure I can find it). Also, please share the project as much as possible. This fan-site does not have a very big reach, and it’d be cool to reach as many 65kids as possible for this project.

You’ve got 3 weeks to send me your top 10s (starting today, April 20th), and then I’ll start making the top 65. I’m looking forward to your choices, and feel free to add some explanation as to why you’ve chosen certain songs.
Unsure about what songs to feature? In the coming weeks, some 65 collaborators and perhaps some other guests will be sharing their top 10s to help out, so keep an eye out for that.

Have fun listening! I hope it brings you some joy during these troubled times. Take care of yourselves, and each other <3

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