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//livestream mp3s for those stuck at home

Hey 65kids <3

Worrying times, right? In many countries, we’re barely allowed out the door anymore, and with good reason it seems. I hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves, and of each other. We all need to be in it together to get through this.

Now then, being stuck at home, the internet brings solace in many ways. Netflix must be pushing its servers to their limits right about now. For those of you who would rather not stream too much (due to data limitations, or for any other reason), or just people who like their music in .mp3 instead of YouTube videos, I finally got around to uploading some new goodies.

All 6 of 65’s livestreams from back in September can now be found on the bootlegs page. There’s full mp3’s, where I only cut off some of the intro’s and outro’s, but thanks to the wonderful Derek Howie (derek365 on the Discord, go say hi!) we also have .zip files which cut the streams into smaller portions, for those of you who would like that. Those files also come with some pretty artwork, made by Derek as well.

On top of that, I also uploaded the livestream of Si and Paul’s Japan trip as an .mp3 (check that bootlegs page). If you’d like to watch that with some pretty visuals, you can do so here:

That’s it for now. Still looking for time to work on some new content, but at least you’ve got some new-ish music to enjoy.

Don’t forget, 65’s Year of Wreckage (what’s in a name) is almost over. If you haven’t subscribed yet and you want to support the band (lord knows artists need the support right now, with all those cancelled tours and whatnot), there’s still a little bit of time left. You can do so through this link.
If you can spare it, try to support some other artists as well by buying some merch. Or order that album you’ve been wanting for so long now. We need solidarity more than ever.

Anyway. Take care everyone. Much love <3

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