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//Medlo site update

Dave Medlo has updated his portfolio website to include everything he made with/for 65. He also added, a short documentary from the early days of 65’s career which could previously only be found on the Unreleased/Unreleasable Vol. 3 dvd. Check it all out here.

Longtime fans of 65 obviously know who Dave from Media Lounge, or Medlo, is, but for some of the more recently converted his name might not sound familiar.

Maybe I should let him introduce himself:

I was an early collaborator with 65daysofstatic as, at the time of their inception, I was one of their only friends old enough to hire a van for tours. As we grew older, I stuck around and began to create video content for them – this included an early tour documentary, music videos and bootleg remixes. I also joined their touring crew as a visuals performer and was lucky enough to accompany them across the UK, Europe, Russia and Japan.

He’s added some backstory to every project he helped out with for the band, which is a very interesting read for anyone who likes to know more about 65’s history.

Also big thank you to Dave for including the documentary!

Have you been following the band since their early days? Or is most of this a totally new discovery to you? Let me know through the usual channels 🙂


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