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How about a theoretical decomposed installation?

That title might sound a little disgusting. However, it’s just an awful segue into today’s news!

AlgoMech Festival (you know, the festival where 65 are going to try something new, you might have heard about it) announced that apart from the 2 times (!!) the band will be performing during the weekend, they will now also do a FREE hybrid installation-performance as well. Even though it’s free, you do need to book tickets, which you can do right here.
Some official lines from the festival:

An introduction to 65daysofstatic’s brand new project Decomposition Theory.

Join 65dos for an ~20 minute jump into the audio/visual system they are building in the centre of Sheffield. This will be an unique experience somewhere between an installation and performance, in advance of their full-on evening shows.
65dos have constructed new music from the ground up, creating their own software to get deep into generating musical structure that comes out differently each time. This is new territory, mapped out by Paul65 in interview with The Playground.
Presented by Sheffield Museum and Galleries Trust, with support by the PRS Foundation Open Fund.
The festival also shared the interview linked above earlier today. It’s a really excellent read, featuring this wonderful quote from Paul:
There’s the risk that everything crashes. but that’s happened to us about a billion times already. It’s not that we’re inured to it now, but at least it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to the crowd.
Also, The Playground called 65 a ‘legendary electronic-rock band’, which is the tagline I will be using for them from now on.

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