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Decomposition Theory

Well today has been interesting so far!

First, 65 uploaded a patch to twitter:

Which, if you loaded it up into Max, sounded something like this:

Not long after, the band made an official announcement: in November, they will be premiering all new music, Decomposition Theory, at Algomech Festival in Sheffield. Here’s the trailer:

And the official blurb:

We are going to be premiering a new work at Algomech Festival in Sheffield, November. Decomposition Theory is a performance built from music that will be generated in realtime by various algorithms we have made to do our bidding, or code that we type live. This is all new material. In fact, it will always be new material. Each performance will be different. Recognisable, but different. Like the cyborg who’s impersonating your murdered partner. More info to come in the coming weeks.

The band have also set up a website where more news about the project will be shared at

At the festival, 65 will be doing 3 performances over two days. Here’s the official blurb from the Algomech Festival website:

Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic show no signs of slowing down. They have spent fifteen years establishing themselves globally as a relentless touring band. They have made seven studio albums. They have soundtracked contemporary dance, scored films and created site-specific A/V installations. In 2016 they released the critically acclaimed soundtrack to the video game ‘No Man’s Sky’: an ‘infinitely long’, dynamic, generative score that responded to the player’s actions. Then they toured a live version of it around the world.

Decomposition Theory or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Demand the Future is a major new work from 65daysofstatic that will premiere at Algomech Festival in Sheffield. There will be three shows 9th-10th November, 2017. Each one different. The first (1:15pm, 9th Nov) will be a hybrid installation/performance opening up this new work. The evening shows (8pm 9th Nov + 10th Nov) will take the work to the stage, with support from techno-obsessed aggrobeat band Blood Sport in collaboration with algoraver Heavy Lifting.

Decomposition Theory sees 65daysofstatic exploring new ways of harnessing algorithmic music techniques in the context of a live band performance. It focuses on custom-made procedural audio processes, generative music programs, and live-coded noise. By composing processes rather than finished songs, 65 can ‘decompose’ them again onstage. Processes can be combined, rewritten, manipulated or ignored. Each performance will be a unique curation of algorithms, coded by 65 to generate live music for them.

Imagine that 65daysofstatic deconstructed themselves as dozens of tiny AIs. Decomposition Theory is a live collaboration between the humans and their code-based counterparts. It is 65daysofstatic becoming cyborg, demanding a future where we control the algorithms, and not the other way round.

Tickets for the festival/performances can be found here.

There has been no word yet as to how this news will influence the shows already announced for December (i.e. will those be ‘regular’ shows or using this new format).

When there’s more news, you will find it here. Hopefully more shows will get announced soon!

What do you think of all this? Share your thoughts with us on twitter, @the65republic, or on facebook, on our page or in the 65kids group!

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