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FB_IMG_1480503216237Hi. Welcome to the 65 Republic.

This website is created by and for fans of 65daysofstatic. It’s my effort to try and make a modern update to the old fan-website, which has been offline for far too long now. I wondered about using the same name as it’s essentially what we all are, but I felt it would be disrespectful, hence the new name. The idea for the name came from a piece of graffiti, which I sadly can’t seem to find at the moment.

At the moment, plenty of room on the site is still empty. This will be a work in constant progress, and I’m hoping to make it a place where anyone can share their love of the band. So if you have pictures of the guys, or of yourselves (covered in 65-related tattoos), or mp3s of covers you’ve made of their music, or whatever you can think of, I would be really glad if you got in touch with me about putting it online. There is a contact-form on the site if you would like to submit anything, or ask me anything.
You can find me on facebook, where you can also join the 65kids group. I am on twitter as well as @the65republic.

I hope the site can bring you a lot of fun, and that you’ll be coming back often. The updates should come along quickly from now on, but there is a lot of content that I want to share on here.

Thank you for your time.

Much love,


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