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This September, when 65 visit the Leffingeleuren festival, I will be seeing the band for the 25th time. To celebrate this fact, I will post my top 25 65daysofstatic tracks over the coming weeks.
Over a year ago, I mistakenly thought that my then next gig would’ve been the 25th and I already made a list like this. No Man’s Sky was nowhere near release, and only the live version of Supermoon had been made available. Hence why it was only featured in the honourable mentions. Today, I present last year’s list as a warm-up to the finished version coming soon.

25. Thrash Waltz
24. Piano Fights
23. Heat Death Infinity Splitter
22. Another Code Against the Gone
21. The Conspiracy of Seeds
20. Sleepwalk City
19. 65 Doesn’t Understand You
18. I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood
17. Await Rescue
16. PX3
15. Go Complex
14. AOD
13. Crash Tactics
12. Aren’t We All Running?
11. Fix the Sky a Little
10. Unmake the Wild Light
9. These Things We Can’t Unlearn
8. Hole
7. Tiger Girl
6. The Undertow
5. Debutante
4. Taipei
3. Retreat! Retreat!
2. Radio Protector
1. Safe Passage

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